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How to schedule an event in the Gym

Option 1: Send an email to masjid Board at board@masjidhamzah.com with the event details, such as title/subject, date, start and end times.

Option 2: Send a calendar invite (meeting request) to book.gym@masjidhamzah.com with details about the event.

The management will review all requests and either approve the booking or propose an alternate date and time.

Hamzah Islamic Center – Youth Speakers

Every Tuesday and Friday, immediately after Maghrib Salah, a young speaker from the community will deliver a short speech on Quranic topics.
Every Sunday an hour before the dhuhr salah, Br. Tareef trains and mentors the youth.
We thank you all for patiently listening to our youth speakers every Friday and encouraging them to continue their efforts.
This is a great program for our youth and your support is important.
Please direct all comments to Br. Tareef, Br. Shafi or any board members should you have any concerns.
Please send an email to board@masjidhamzah.com if you are interested in the program and/or send suggestions, feedback, comments, etc.
Note: Youth Speakers session will be on hold during Ramadan and will resume after Ramadan
The program is FREE.