Alsalam Alaikum Dear Hamzah Community,

Per confirmation from Saudi Arabia, Ramadan is Tomorrow (Saturday) insha Allah, Ramadan Mubarak.

Taraweeh starts tonight:
Tonight is the first night of Taraweeh Insha Allah, Taraweh starts after Isha and sunna (Isha iqama 5 minutes after Athan) Insha Allah.

Children during Salat and Lectures:
It is the responsibility of every parent to keep their children quite during Salat and lectures please.
Parking and Safety:
Please ensure that children do not run between cars and always be super careful pulling out of any parking place. Also please follow the instructions of our volunteers and pass those instructions to all children as well.
Iftar Sponsorship:
Please sign up for iftar sponsorship ASAP as we have many available open slots, tomorrow’s iftar will be sponsored isa.

Ramadan Expenses:
We have dedicated a slot in our donation box for Ramadan expenses this year as we have added expenses of security and nightly cleaning among other Ramadan expenses, please help your masjid cover this cost.
May Allah SWT make this Ramadan the best of all! May Allah SWT bring our hearts together, make our intentions pure for His sake only, and to bring peace and unity to our Ummah.